…to provide insightful and compassionate clinical care for all, throughout their pregnancies, birth and postpartum period.

…to educate our clients about their bodies and to foster a sense of trust in themselves.

…to offer sound advice and ready emotional support.

…to respect one’s choices, background and culture.

…to view pregnancy and birth as a normal, healthy process—a state of wellness rather than a state of illness.

…to provide a birth alternative which is noninvasive, holistic, and patient-centered while remaining evidence-based and clinically sound.

…to help guide the birthing person through the labor process; to be an ally and an advocate, as needed.

…to never forget the rest of the family—the partners, the older children, the soon-to-be-new-grandparents—and to involve the family as much as possible; to encourage bonding and to support the family as a unit.

…to promote midwives and the practice of midwifery—to get the message out, to stir the pot, to educate the general public about how much we have to offer.

…to make the right call at the right time—to intervene when we must, but to be able to decide to do nothing, to watch and wait, to trust the birthing person’s body and instincts.

…to educate our clientele about pregnancy and birth; to provide as much information as possible, so that families can make informed decisions.

…to never lose sight of the sacredness of birth.

…to welcome new babies into the world with gentle, competent hands.